StyleAbility's New Haircutting Digital Program

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Hairstylists


Habit 1:  Control your environment

Having control and setting up the environment for
you and your child for the most positive results.
Having confidence in the tools you’ll be using and how
to use them for quick and effective results.
Having the ability to adapt and respond so you can
customize the haircut to your child’s needs.

Habit 2: Setting the roadmap

Being able to determine ahead of time not only what
is the parts of the haircut that is causing the discomfort but
also how to use innovative haircutting techniques
to reduce and, in some cases, completely eliminate the
anxiety associated with them.

Habit 3: Set your Priorities

Knowing what the most important parts of the
haircut you will need to do first and quickly to get the best
results in perhaps the short time you will have.

Habit 4: Empowerment

We must always keep in mind it’s not that some
children don’t like haircuts, it’s that they don’t like
the way haircuts are being done. You will learn how
to customize a haircut in a way that will be more comfortable
for your child.

In this section, we show you ways to give your child important choices they can make during the haircut that will instill their sense of empowerment and reduce their anxiety by allowing
them to direct to some degree the way the haircut is actually
being done.


Habit 5: Connection

A haircut can be a great way to make important connections with your child developing a set of play therapy games customized to help reduce anxiety and instill fun. Knowing
 and understanding what works best for your child.


Habit 6: Cooperation

Developing a good sense of give and take will make the journey of haircutting more enjoyable for both you and your child learning ways to negotiate is the lesson today. You’re on the way to continue achieving some great milestones together.

Habit 7: Sharpen the Scissors

Learning best practices and good maintenance with your tools will ensure a good fast result and long-lasting trouble-free equipment. Maintaining the techniques learned, sharpening your skills creates long-term success.