Home Haircutting Program

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What you’ll learn

  How to do professional quality haircuts at home
  How to incorporate specialized techniques that can reduce your child’s stress
  Methods and techniques to make it easy and fun
  All types of modern haircuts for your family
  The tips and tricks that professional use to get those great results


Students are required to have a haircutting kit consisting of;


  Clips & Ties
  Practice Doll Head


  These items can be purchased through you local beauty outlets like Sally’s Beauty or your local big box store or Amazon. Cutting Kits are approx. $30.00 Practice dolls range between $30-$50.00

Course Overview

   8 week program
  4 modules
   2 hours per module
   1 module per week

  Designed to teach you how to cut professional quality haircuts at home
Using a series of lectures, demonstrations, practice drills and homework assignments

About the instructor

Vaughan LeFort

President & Founder of StyleAbility

Vaughan is a licensed hairstylist and professional instructor from one of the top beauty schools in Canada. He has had years of experience working in various social services programs in life skills development.
Bringing these diverse skills to assist families overcome challenges when it comes to tasks like haircutting.
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We look forward to  bringing our program into your homes!